DR. ECCO 2023

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Game structure

The game has two duellists starting 100 paces apart. Before starting the game, the competing players must select the number of bullets and bulletproof jackets that each duellist will have. They will also select a probability function that decides the hit chance with respect to the distance between the duellists.


In each turn, a duellist will decide whether or not to shoot. The chance of hitting the opponent (and thereby winning the game) is displayed on the panel above the player. After the turn, the player will move forward by 5 paces.

Bulletproof Jackets

In each turn, each player P can decide whether P's duellist wears a bulletproof jacket or not. If so it stays on for the opponent's next turn, making P's duellist invulnerable to their shot. You have a limited number of jackets, so use them wisely!


The first player to hit the opponent (when the opponent is not wearing a bulletproof jacket) wins the game. If no one hits, the first to use all bullets loses the game.


score = (distance at the time of winning) / (number of initial bullets)


Higher score is better


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