Corner Chess

Ply: 0
Move History:


  • At each ply, the player can either bring a new piece into play, or move an existing piece in the board.
  • The first move for each player (white and black), must be bringing the King into play.
  • Pieces being brought into play cannot be placed over an existing piece.
  • White can only check black after black has checked or at ply 4 (whichever is earlier).
  • Black cannot check white before ply 2.

To Play

  • Select a board size to play corner chess on.
  • Drag pieces either from outside the board into the board, or a piece inside the board to another desired location.
  • When a game ends, select the board size option below to restart the game.
- by Adithya Parthasarathy and Vighnesh Birodkar