DR. ECCO 2023

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Catch me if you can

By Kiwi Engine


- There are two hunters in this game. Your goal as a hunter is to catch more then half the number of preys before the other hunter by building walls to let yourself bouncing around. The game won't stop until one of the hunter catches more than half the number of preys.

Rules of the game:

  • Rule #1: The hunter moves twice as fast as the preys, and it changes direction only by bouncing off a wall, which means you cannot control the moves of it.
  • Rule #2: The preys, on the other hand, move randomly in whichever direction it wants provided it doesn't pass through a wall.
  • Rule #3: The hunter catches the preys by building horizontal and vertical walls as its current position to get close to the prey and trap it.
  • Rule #4: You can specify the number of walls that the hunters can build(N) and the time interval between building consecutive walls(W).



Play game in pop up window: