DR. ECCO 2023

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Two or more players are presented with some number of stones. The winner is the player who removes the last stone.


  • By default each player is dealt a set of cards with numbers 1 through # or cards unless the players click the "Use random card" box. If they do click that box, each player will be dealt a set of cards chosen randomly and perhaps with repetition between 1 and # of cards.
  • The first player chooses a card and removes exactly that number of stones. The card then disappears from the first player's hand. Similarly for the 2nd, 3rd ... player.
  • Play continues until on his or her turn, a player either:
    • chooses a card whose number exactly matches the number of stones remaining in which case that player wins.
    • chooses a card that exceeds the number of stones remaining in which case that player loses

    If all the player's cards exceed the number of stones remaining, the player loses automatically

    If the player exhausts the time allowance, the player loses automatically.




If you want to play in a separate window, press popup