DR. ECCO 2023

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Strategic Bullying

Team Player (Zhehu Yuan)


Game Rules:

  • Two players start at either end of a line between 5 and 150 units long. Each player starts with some power and zero money.
  • During their turn, each player can move right or left one step along the line or can pay 1 dollar to move two steps along the line. Neither player can move outside the line or do nothing. Press <- or A to move 1 step left, and use -> or D button to move 1 step right. Hold shift while pressing the buttons to move 2 steps instead.
  • At any location, there is a child who also has power and money. The player has two options. One: If the player is more powerful, they can conquer/bully them and take their wealth. Two: The player can ally with them by paying them the wealth that the child already has. In this case, the player increases their power by the child's power and the child does not lose anything.
  • If a child is allied by a player, they cannot be conquered by that player.
  • When the players are next to each other, they face off! The player with more power wins. If two players have equal power, then the wealthier player wins.

Note: If the child at the current location is allied to the opponent, then you can either ally with them or conquer them. You will likely face off before this situation arises, unless some player moves backwards.

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