DR. ECCO 2023

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Brighten Up

Yuwen Li, Yiyi Tong - Team Coco_11


Brighten Up is a two player game. In this game, you are given m bags each with n flares, which can either be good or bad. Bags are divided into two groups: 1 and 2, and bags in group 2 have way more bad flares than bags in group 1. You can set the number of bags in each group, but you do not know which bags belong to which groups. Each turn, you can perform one of two operations:

Test: The player can test up to 5% of n flares from one bag. Then, the number of bad flares will be shown.

Select: The player can select up to 50% of the remaining flares from all bags. Then, the player's score for this selection will be calculated based on the number of good flares and bad flares in the selection. They earn 100 points from each of the good flares, but each of the bad flares will cost them 1000 points!


- Press pop-up to access game window.

- When it is your turn, fill in the number you want to test/select under the bag, then click "Test"/"Select" at the bottom. When you do not want to take actions anymore, click "End" to end your turn.

Note: For best experience, maximize window as much as possible.

Play game in pop up window: