Gerrymandering Game

By Akshay Kumar , Zachary R. Schubert and Zhaohui Zhang @ New York University

As an operative for either the Democratic or Republican party, your goal is to re-draw your state's congressional district lines to maximize your party's influence in the House of Representatives.

The game is played on a 512x512 grid representing your state. Each point on the grid is represented by a tuple (blue,red), which gives the number of registered Democrats and Republicans living on that point. There will be an equal number of voters for each party, distributed stochastically. Your job is to partition the grid into 5 contiguous districts, with the constraint that no district can contain more than 105% of the population of any other. Once you submit your solution, an election will take place in which each district votes for a Republican congressmen with probability |Republican voters in district| / |total population in district|, and a Democrat otherwise. Your score is the number of districts which vote for your party.

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This game requires HTML5 Canvas and Javascript support

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