New Practices for NYU-Related Travel Effective 6/30/2017

In order to keep members of the NYU community safer as they travel for University-related purposes, the University introduced the web-based portal, NYU Traveler, in 2012.

A set of FAQs about NYU Traveler can be found here.


You can receive either a per diem or be reimbursed for actual expenses.

Per Diem

Traveler will receive a set meal allowance for each day of travel. This amount is prorated to 75% of the locale's per diem for travel days. Per Diem can only be used when overnight travel is involved or the faculty member is away from their normal work location for a full day (e.g., all-day conference).

Per diem rates can be found here:

Actual Expenses

Traveler will provide itemized receipts for reimbursement. Gratuities are reimbursable up to 20% of the total meal cost (before tax).

Air Travel

  • Flights paid from federal grants must use a U.S. airline if a "U.S. flag carrier" services that destination. For more information, please see the U.S. General Services Administration's page on the Fly America Act.
  • Please note that if you buy a ticket through a U.S. airline, but the actual flight is on a foreign carrier, this is considered a "code share" and is acceptable.
  • The exception to this is when an Open Skies agreement is in place (European Union (EU), Japan, Switzerland, and Australia). Use of a foreign carrier is allowed when transportation is between the U.S. and any point in the agreement member state or between two points outside the U.S.
  • Original receipts are required (credit card statement is not sufficient).
  • Traveler is expected to purchase economy-class travel. Business class travel may be allowed for transoceanic flights and continuous flights longer than 6 hours but must be pre-approved by the Director or Department Chair.


  • Please select University preferred properties when available. A list of preferred hotels can be found here.
  • The final hotel folio, which reflects all charges made to the room, is required for reimbursement.
  • $300/day without meals and taxes is the standard maximum cost guideline. Costs that are charged to the hotel room are deemed valid and reimbursable if they are related or necessary to University business and are reasonable.

Mileage Reimbursement

The personal automobile mileage reimbursement rate for each year can be found here.

Local Transportation

Receipts are not required for taxis or public transportation for reimbursement under $25 -- but should be included if possible.

Rail Travel

Rail travel may be used whenever feasible and/or when it is more economical than air travel. Travelers are expected to choose the lowest economy priced fare available. Individuals are encouraged to take advantage of University discounts by booking preferred rail services. Preferred vendors for rail services can be found here.

For general information please see the page on Booking & Paying for Travel on NYU's main website.

American Express Travel Card

  • Faculty members may apply for an NYU American Express travel card. This is a personal liability card and the cardholder is responsible for paying the card balance and submitting a reimbursement request for any business related expenses.
  • A cash advance of up to $500 per week can be obtained from many ATMs.

Travel Advances

  • Travelers can receive up to $500 per week of the trip. The amount may be issued by check through Accounts Payable, or withdrawn from any participating Automated Teller Machine (ATM) using the American Express Travel Card. You will be assessed a fee on your withdrawal; this fee is reimbursed as part of your business expenses.
  • If you choose to receive your cash advance via accounts payable, please create the request in AP Workflow two weeks before the trip. More information can be found here.
  • Cash advances may not be used for airfare, lodging, conference fees, or other substantial costs that can be paid using the Travel Card, or can be "prepaid" and invoiced though Accounts Payable.
  • Because of tax implications, cash advances may not be used for service payments such as honorariums, or for gifts, prizes, or awards.
  • Cash advances must be cleared within 60 days from the “end date” of the trip or event specified on the cash advance request in AP Workflow.

Use of Courant Corporate Travel Account

The CTA (Corporate Travel Account) card can be used to secure reservations for travel that is being charged to a federally funded project not covered by another source. This account may only be used after the Faculty American Express and Student Cash Advance options have been utilized and if the traveler's expenses will exceed $1,000 and/or create a hardship for them to wait for reimbursement. Once the travel on the federal project is approved by the project's Principal Investigator, requests for use of the CTA card must be made to and approved by Kristy MacPhail. Requests may be submitted through the Principal Investigator's Administrative Aide.


Please note that these rules apply both to NYU employees and students.

If you have any questions on any of the above, contact the appropriate SPO, or other administrator.