Typical Administrative Aide Duties

Aljabbouli, Hasan Computer Science TBA WWH TBA
Armstrong, Scott Mathematics 530 WWH Lopez, Julian
Avellaneda, Marco Mathematics 1012 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Bakhtin, Yury (Yuri) Mathematics 713 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Bari, Anasse Computer Science 425 WWH TBA
Ben Arous, Gerard Mathematics 812 WWH Lopez, Julian
Berger, Marsha Computer Science, Mathematics 1121 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Berman, Simeon Mathematics 621 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Bhat, Vindya Mathematics 722 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Bloomberg, Amos Computer Science 424 WWH TBA
Bogomolov, Fedor Mathematics 602 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Bonneau,Joseph Computer Science, Tandon 404 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Bonneau, Richard Computer Science, Biology 12WV 402 Lopez, Julian
Bourgade, Paul Mathematics 603 WWH Lopez, Julian
Bruna, Joan Computer Science, associated with CDS 612 60FA Tam, Hong
Buhler, Oliver Mathematics 1013 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Caflisch, Russell Mathematics 1304 WWH TBA
Cappell, Sylvain Mathematics 1112 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Cerfon, Antoine Mathematics 1011 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Cheeger, Jeff Mathematics 802 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Chen, Yu Mathematics 1126 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Childress, Stephen Mathematics, Emeritus
1306 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Cho, Kyunghyun Computer Science, associated with CDS 616 60FA Tam, Hong
Clarkson, Corrin Mathematics 721 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Clayton, Joshua Computer Science 420 WWH TBA
Cole, Richard Computer Science 417 WWH Lopez, Julian
Cousot, Patrick Computer Science 400 60FA Tam, Hong
Davis, Ernest Computer Science 329 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Deift, Percy Mathematics 1028 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
DePhilippis, Guido Mathematics 613 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Diaz-Alban, Jose Mathematics 878 2MTC Parghi, Neelang
Dodis, Yevgeniy Computer Science 413 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Donev, Alex Mathematics 1016 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Edwards, Harold Mathematics, Emeritus 730 WWH Lopez, Julian
Engel, Deena Computer Science, Emerita 404 WWH TBA
Esposito, Joseph Mathematics 878 2MTC Parghi, Neelang
Fergus, Rob Computer Science 514 60FA Tam, Hong
Fernandez Granda, Carlos Mathematics, associated with CDS 1109 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Franchitti, Jean-Claude Computer Science 309 WWH TBA
Geiger, Davi Computer Science, Neural Science 407 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Gerber, Edwin Mathematics (AOS) 911 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Germain, Pierre Mathematics 711WWH Parghi, Neelang
Giannakis, Dimitris Mathematics 910 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Goldberg, Benjamin Computer Science 401 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Goodman, Jonathan Mathematics 529 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Gottlieb, Allan Computer Science 316 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Greengard, Leslie Mathematics 1117 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Greenleaf, Frederick Mathematics 521 WWH Lopez, Julian
Grishman, Ralph Computer Science, Emeritus 300 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Gromov, Mikhael Mathematics 1130 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Gunturk, Sinan Mathematics 616 WWH Lopez, Julian
Hammoud, Naima Mathematics 719 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Hang, Fengbo Mathematics 630 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Hausner, Melvin Mathematics, Emeritus 730 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
He, He Computer Science, associated with CDS 605 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Holland, David Mathematics (AOS) 912 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Holmes-Cerfon, Miranda Mathematics 1107 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Hoppensteadt, Frank Mathematics, Emeritus 427 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Kalaycioglu, Selin Mathematics 723 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Kapp, Craig Computer Science 304 WWH TBA
Kedem, Zvi Computer Science 427 WWH Cerve, Leslie
Khot, Subhash Computer Science 416 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Kleeman, Richard Mathematics (AOS) 929 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Kleiner, Bruce Mathematics 629 WWH Lopez, Julian
Klukowska, Joanna Computer Science 423 WWH TBA
Kohn, Robert Mathematics 502 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Kolm, Petter Mathematics 520 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Korth, Evan Computer Science 319 WWH TBA
Lake, Brenden Psychology, CDS 610 60FA Zambrana, Aimee
Lax, Peter Mathematics, Emeritus 810 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
LeCun, Yann Computer Science 516 60FA Tam, Hong
Leingang, Matthew Mathematics 726 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Li, Jinyang Computer Science 410 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Lin, Fang-Hua Mathematics 717 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Liu, Shizhu Mathematics 720 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Lubetzky, Eyal Mathematics 813 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Majda, Andrew Mathematics (AOS) 902 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Majmudar, Trushant Mathematics 719 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Masmoudi, Nader Mathematics 729 WWH Mileski, Jackie
McKean, Henry Mathematics 1002 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
McLaughlin, David Mathematics 1113 WWH
Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Meyers, Adam Computer Science 301 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Mishra, Bhubaneswar Computer Science, Mathematics 405 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Mogilner, Alex Mathematics, Biology 903 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Mohri, Mehryar Computer Science 701 WWH Lopez, Julian
Mourrat, Jean-Christophe Mathematics 503 WWH Lopez, Julian
Neill, Daniel Public Service, Computer Science 304 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Newman, Charles Mathematics 817 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Nonato, Luis Gustavo CDS 700 60FA Zambrana, Aimee
Normand, Raoul Mathematics 719 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Novikoff, Albert Mathematics, Emeritus 730 WWH Lopez, Julian
Odeh, Sana Computer Science 321 WWH TBA
O'Neil, Michael Engineering, Mathematics 1119 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Overton, Michael Computer Science, Mathematics 429 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Oveys, Hesam Mathematics 722 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Panda, Aurojit Computer Science 405 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Panozzo, Daniele Computer Science 504 60FA Tam, Hong
Pauluis, Olivier Mathematics (AOS) 913 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Percus, Jerome Mathematics, Physics 501 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Perlin, Kenneth Computer Science 500 60FA Tam, Hong
Perherstorfer, Benjamin Computer Science 421 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Peskin, Charles Mathematics 917 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Picheny, Michael Computer Science, jointly with CDS 304 60FA Tam, Hong
Lerrel, Pinto Computer Science 505 60FA Tam, Hong
Pirutka, Alena Mntolathematics 611 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Rangan, Aaditya Mathematics 1101 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Ranganath, Rajesh Computer Science 503 60FA Tam, Hong
Rappaport, Ted Computer Science 312 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Regev, Oded Computer Science 303 WWH Lopez, Julian
Rinzel, John Neural Science, Mathematics 919 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Ristroph,Leif Mathematics 1127 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Serfaty, Sylvia Mathematics 612 WWH Lopez, Julian
Shasha, Dennis Computer Science 414 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Shatah, Jalal Mathematics 712 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Shelley, Michael Mathematics 1102 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Shoup, Victor Computer Science 418 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Shum, Fan Ny (Fanny) Mathematics 725 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Sia, Jia Min Charmaine Mathematics 706 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Siegel, Alan Computer Science 330 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Sivaraman Kaushalram, Anirudh Computer Science 408 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Smith, Shafer Mathematics 916 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Sondjaja, Mutiara Mathematics 725 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Spencer, Joel Mathematics, Computer Science 829 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Stadler, Georg Mathematics 1111 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Stein, Dan Mathematics 819 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Stepp, Elizabeth Mathematics 323B Rogers Hall Parghi, Neelang
Subramanian, Lakshmi Computer Science 416 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Tabak, Esteban Mathematics 1017 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Ting, Lu Mathematics, Emeritus 509 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Tranchina, Daniel Biology, Mathematics 918 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Tschinkel, Yuri Mathematics 617 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Vanden Eijnden, Eric Mathematics 1116 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Varadhan, S. R. Srinivasa Mathematics 1313 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Versoza, Joseph Computer Science 422 WWH TBA
Vicol, Vlad Mathematics 716 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Walfish, Michael Computer Science 412 60FA Cerve, Leslie
Weare, Jonathan Mathematics 1103 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Weitzner, Harold Mathematics, Emeritus 1027 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Widlund, Olof Mathematics, Emeritus 511 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Wies, Thomas Computer Science 403 60FA Tam, Hong
Wilson, Andrew Computer Science, CDS affiliated with Mathematics 604 60FA Tam, Hong
Wright, Margaret Computer Science 430 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Yap, Chee Computer Science 301 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Young, Lai-Sang Mathematics 702 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Young, Robert Mathematics 601 WWH Lopez, Julian
Zahran, Mohamed Computer Science 320 WWH TBA
Zanna, Laure Mathematics 1116 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Zeitouni, Ofer Mathematics 827 WWH Lopez, Julian
Zhang, Jun Physics, Mathematics 104 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Zorin, Denis Computer Science 512 60FA, 306 60FA Tam, Hong

Courant Instructors and other non-faculty researchers should contact Martha Torres regarding administrative support.