Faculty and Their Support Personnel

Each faculty member has been assigned an administrative aide for clerical support. Click below for a list of support personnel assignments.

Assigned Support Personnel

Visa and Immigration Information

The Courant's HR staff facilitates the acquisition of Visas for Faculty and Research Staff by acting as a liaison with the NYU Office of Global Services (OGS). The HR staff, mostly via telephone and email, advises Faculty members and Research Staff as to the process of obtaining Visas, assists in the completion of the required paperwork, and then forwards the request to OGS. Once OGS receives approval from Immigration it informs the Faculty or Researcher via the CIMS HR office. Questions or concerns regarding Visas and immigration status should be referred to either Martha Torres or Karen Micallef.

CIMS' Compressed Workweek

CIMS Compressed Workweek Policy and FAQ's

Compressed Workweek Request Form