Form Name Attachment (When Required) Use This Form For Detailed Instructions
Student Reimbursement Form (EXP2000S) Expense Breakdown Sheet for Travel (EXP2000T)

Expense Breakdown Sheet for Business Meals (EXP2000M)

Missing Doc/Receipt Report
Reimbursing NYU students for travel and non-travel expenses (can be paid via cash if $150 or less), as well as paying NYU AMEX corporate card Missing doc report: To be attached to Form EXP2000S when expenses are not supported by original receipts or other appropriate documentation. This form can be used only by NYU employees.
Payment to Individuals Form (IND4000) Independent Contract Questionnaire Payments or reimbursements to an individual who is NOT an NYU employee or student (if non-resident alien, additional Tax Forms may need to be completed)
Business Payment Form (BUS5000) N/A To pay businesses when no purchase order has been issued (e.g. paying a Federal Express bill) Instructions

Please note the following:

  1. These forms are only available online.
  2. You need the free Acrobat Reader to view and print the forms.
  3. A list of frequently used NYU Account Chartfields can be viewed here.
  4. Please see here for recommendations and hints in completing forms.
  5. Please note that by signing the Employee/Student Reimbursement form, you are certifying that you are not claiming reimbursement from other sources for the same items.
  6. Petty cash, employee/student reimbursement (travel & non-travel) & AMEX payment are all on the same new form.
  7. Purchase requisition forms have not changed; though we will soon be using the online purchasing system for most purchases.
  8. Payment form for HONORARIUM has changed slightly; old forms will still be accepted, but the new form is available in room 905
  9. When paying American Express for the NYU corporate card the original statement is not required (a copy should be included, though); pay AMEX DIRECTLY for non-business expenditures
  10. If you need to be reimbursed for travel costs on a trip that has NOT YET TAKEN PLACE (e.g. airline tickets purchased in advance), that is considered an advance and the REQUEST FOR ADVANCE FORM should be used
  11. The EXPENSE BREAKDOWN SHEET must be completed if the employee/student reimbursement is for travel or local meal expenses
  12. The INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR QUESTIONNAIRE must be completed when a non-employee is going to be paid (exclusive of receipted reimbursements) more than $3,000 in one calendar year (if there will be multiple payments on one year exceeding $3,000, the form needs to be completed once and a copy is attached to subsequent payments)

For complete information see Main NYU Controller's Division Site. If there are any questions on this please contact your SPO. The Free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view all forms.