Algebraic Geometry Seminar at the Courant Institute

Seminar Spring 2015 schedule

The Algebraic Geometry Seminar meets on Tuesdays at 3:30PM in Room 201, unless otherwise indicated.

 January 29, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Michael McBreen
 EPFL Lausanne
 Quantum cohomology, intersection cohomology and integrable systems
 February 3, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Ivan Cheltsov
 University of Edinburgh
 Cylinders in del Pezzo surfaces
 February 10, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Klaus Hulek
 Leibniz Universität Hannover
 The Prym map revisited
 February 17, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Louis Rowen
 Bar-Ilan University
 Tropical varieties and linear algebra
 February 24, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Viktor Przyjalkovski
 Steklov Institute of Mathematics
 Fano varieties and Laurent polynomials
 March 5, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Ivan Cheltsov
 University of Edinburgh
 What are the worst singular points of plane curves of given degree?
 March 10, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Christian Böhning
 Universität Hamburg
 Dynamical degrees of birational self-maps of cubic fourfolds
 March 24, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Steve Bradlow
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
 Higgs bundles, spectral data, and isomorphisms among low dimensional Lie groups
 March 31, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Simion Filip
 University of Chicago
 Asymptotic properties of families of K3 surfaces
 April 7, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Anand Deopurkar
 Columbia University
 Picard groups of Hurwitz spaces
 April 16, 2:30pm
 WWH 1302
 Constantin Shramov
 Higher School of Economics, Moscow
 Boundedness properties for birational automorphisms
 April 21, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Ralph Morrison
 UC Berkeley
 Moduli of tropical plane curves
 April 28, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Dimitri Gourevitch
 Université de Valenciennes
 From Quantum Groups to Noncommutative Geometry
 May 12, 5:00pm
 WWH 317
 Michael McQuillan
 Fun with gerbes, part 3

This seminar is organized by Dmitry Zakharov