Algebraic Geometry Seminar at the Courant Institute

Seminar The Algebraic Geometry Seminar meets on Tuesdays at 3:30PM in Room 201, unless otherwise indicated.

 February 4, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Fedor Bogomolov
 Courant Institute
 February 11, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Bruno de Oliveira
 University of Miami
 Closed symmetric differentials which are products of meromorphic differentials
 February 18, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Christian Böhning
 Universität Hamburg
 Birational isotriviality of fiber spaces
 February 25, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Daniele Turchetti
 Institut de mathématiques de Jussieu
 Lifting Galois covers to characteristic zero with non-Archimedean analytic geometry
 February 28, 12:00pm
 WWH 905
 Samuel Grushevsky
 Stony Brook University
 Shimura curves contained in the Jacobian locus in small genus
 March 4, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Maksym Fedorchuk
 Boston College
 Toward GIT stability of syzygies of canonical curves
 March 11, 3:30pm
 WWH 1314
 Jacob Tsimerman
 Harvard University
 Special divisors on hyperelliptic curves
 March 13, 2:00pm
 WWH 1302
 Jake Solomon
 Hebrew University
 Generalized Witten conjectures for moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces
 March 18, 3:30pm  Spring break  No seminar
 April 1, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Benjamin Blum-Smith
 Courant Institute
 Semiabelian groups and the inverse Galois problem
 April 8, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Alexei Skorobogatov
 Imperial College, London
 The Brauer group and the Brauer-Manin obstruction for K3 surfaces
 April 15, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Slawomir Solecki
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
 An abstract approach to Ramsey theory
 April 17, 3:45pm
 WWH 201
 Andrei Caldarau
 University of Wisconsin, Madison
 Around the Bridgeland differential on M_{g,n}
 May 1, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Igor Krichever
 Columbia University
 Spectral theory of triangular difference operators and the combinatorial Gale transform
 May 6, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Kirill Zaynullin
 University of Ottawa
 Cohomological Invariants of degree 3 and torsion in the Chow group of a versal flag
 May 8, 11:00am
 WWH 1314
 Zur Izhakian
 University of Aberdeen and University of Bremen
 A glimpse of supertropical algebra and its applications
 May 13, 3:30pm
 WWH 201
 Michael McQuillan
 IHES, Paris
 Fun with gerbes II- 2-Galois theory and the algebraic interpretation of co-homology
 May 20, 2:00pm
 WWH 201
 Federico Buonerba
 Courant Institute
 Resolution of tame quotient singularities

This seminar is organized by Dmitry Zakharov

Past schedules: Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013