My PhD was devoted to some problems of classical, equilibrium statistical mechanics. More precisely I have been studying the microscopic behavior of particle systems with logarithmic, Coulomb or Riesz interactions. The manuscript is available here (in English, with an introduction in French).

A uniqueness result for minimizers of the 1D log-gas renormalized energy J. of Functional Analysis, 268, 7 (2015) Large deviation principle for empirical fields of Log- and Riesz gases, with S. Serfaty Inventiones math., accepted (2017) Logarithmic, Coulomb and Riesz energy of point processes J. Stat. Phys, 162(4), 887-923 (2016) Local microscopic behavior for 2D Coulomb gases PTRF, accepted (2016) Large deviations for the 2D two-component plasma, with S. Serfaty, O. Zeitouni & an appendix by W. Wu. Comm. Math. Phys, to appear (2016) Fluctuations of two-dimensional Coulomb gases, with S. Serfaty. Submitted (2016) Large deviation principles for hypersingular Riesz gases, with D.P. Hardin, E.B. Saff and S. Serfaty. Submitted (2017) CLT for fluctuations of beta-ensembles with general potential, with F. Bekerman and S. Serfaty. Submitted (2017)