Doris Dobi

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Office 1008
251 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012-1185



I am a 4th year graduate student in mathematics studying under Marco Avellaneda. My research interests include quantitative finance, stochastic processes, probability, and financial economics.

Before NYU, I received a B.S. in Mathematics, with a minor in Economics, from MIT in 2009.


Publications for Girl's Angle:

Cool Stuff

In my spare time I like to learn about physiology and nutrition and their impact on health and function. I've also become interested in psychology and personality and have been reading a few books on these topics as well. I enjoy reading blogs, especially this one: mathbabe.

I have started a blog in order to address some of the things I've been thinking about outside of my academic research. My blog can be found here.


  • Summer 2012: Precalculus (Sole Instructor)
  • Spring 2012: Partial Differential Equations for Finance (Teaching Assistant and Grader)
  • Summer 2011: Stochastic Calculus (Teaching Assistant and Grader)
  • Spring 2011: Limit Theorems II (Grader)
  • Fall 2010: Numerical Methods (Grader)
  • CV and Awards

    Here is a copy of my CV in PDF format.

    Over the course of my studies I have received multiple awards, some of the more notable being:


    I'm engaged to Oleg I. Kozhushnyan.