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Questions or Comments?

All general inquiries should be sent to csplash [at] cims [dot] nyu [dot] edu. We also have a Facebook page, if you'd like to share your thoughts with our friends as well. Below is the list of current organizers of cSplash; if you need to contact a specific person on the list, please say so in the email and we will forward it for you.

Directors Mark Kim Second-year Ph.D. Student, Mathematics
  Scott Yang Second-year Ph.D. Student, Mathematics
Logistics Coordinator Olivia Chu '15, Mathematics
Webmaster Jonathan Dominguez '17, Mathematics and Computer Science
Senior Advisers Ian Tobasco Third-year Ph.D. Student, Mathematics
  Manas Rachh Third-year Ph.D. Student, Mathematics
Staff Igor Balla Second-year Ph.D. student, Mathematics
  Howard Cheng First-year Ph.D. student, Mathematics
  Tejas Devanur '16, Mathematics & Economics
  Laura Florescu Second-year Ph.D. student, Computer Science
  Junichi Koganemaru '16, Mathematics & Computer Science
  Shravas Rao First-year Ph.D. student, Computer Science
  Alexandra Singer '14, Mathematics & Spanish
  Timmy Shum Second-year Master's student, Mathematics
  Noah Stephens-Davidowitz Second-year Ph.D. student, Computer Science
    Past Staff