Perlin on VR

Professor Ken Perlin is interviewed about Virtual Reality in Nautilus Magazine.

Fall 2015 CIMS Newsletter released

A digital copy of the newsletter is available on the Courant Newsletters page.

Georg Stadler wins the Gordon Bell Prize. Congratulations, Georg!

Additional information can be found on the Gordon Bell Prize page on the ACM website and in the news release from New York University. 

Congratulations to Andy Majda On Winning The Steele Prize!

Further information is available in the news release from the American Mathematical Society. 

2015 Silver Professors

Fedor Bogomolov and Subhash Khot have been named Silver Professors. Congratulations! For more information on Fedor, Subhash, and the other Silver Professors, please see here

Leif Ristroph is awarded the George E. Valley, Jr. Prize!

The Courant Institute is pleased to announce that Leif Ristroph (Mathematics and the Applied Math Lab) has won the George E. Valley, Jr. Prize of the American Physical Society, in recognition for outstanding scientific contributions being made in the early stages of his scientific career. The prize is awarded biennially. More information is available on the American Physical Society website. Our warm congratulations to Leif!

Simons Investigator

Subhash Khot has been named a Simons Investigator in Theoretical Computer Science by the Simons Foundation. Congratulations!

Sad news of Prof. Robert Dewar

Professor Emeritus Robert Dewar has died at the age of 70. Robert was a faculty member in the Computer Science department from 1975 until his retirement in 2005 and was chair of the department from 1978 to 1980. Robert was a leading figure in programming languages, particularly in the development of Ada; an inspiring and admired teacher; a raconteur, singer, and actor; and a well-loved colleague and friend. Our sympathies to his family and friends.

Spring 2015 CIMS Newsletter released

A digital copy of the newsletter is available on the Courant Newsletters page.

Iakobachvili Award

Richard Bonneau has received the 2015 Iakobachvili Faculty Science Award from the NYU School of Arts and Science. Congratulations!