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Courant and NYU

New York University is among the nation's largest private universities. Founded in 1831, it awards degrees in a wide variety of fields, including the humanities, science, business, law, the fine arts, the performing arts, public administration, medicine, dentistry, education, and social work. Among the University's divisions is the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, a center for research and advanced training in mathematics and computer science. The Institute has long been a leader in mathematical analysis, applied mathematics, and scientific computation, with special emphasis on partial differential equations and their applications. In computer science, the Institute excels in theory, programming languages, computer graphics, and parallel computing. Mathematics and computer science are viewed as living parts of the stream of science, not as isolated specialties.

The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

The Courant Institute comprises New York University's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and a variety of sponsored research activities. The Director of the Courant Institute reports to the University's Provost and President and works closely with the other deans. The Institute has approximately 33 regular faculty in computer science and 49 in mathematics. Another 30 Ph.D. scientists are in postdoctoral or research positions. The Institute's sponsored research activities are divided fairly evenly between computer science and mathematics.


At the Courant Institute, education and research are closely intertwined. We offer Master of Science (M.S.) and Ph.D. programs in both mathematics and computer science. There is a wide array of courses ranging from basic topics to current research frontiers. Students are encouraged to participate in the Institute's research activities, to join in its seminars, and to make use of its state-of-the-art computing environment. There are currently about 230 full-time graduate students (110 computer science, 120 mathematics). There are another 370 part-time students (250 computer science , 120 mathematics). In a typical year, we award about 120 M.S. degrees (90 computer science, 30 mathematics) and 25 Ph.D.'s (10 computer science, 15 mathematics). The Courant Institute is also responsible for New York University's undergraduate programs in computer science and mathematics.


The educational process does not stop at the Ph.D. The Institute's scientific life is enriched by a steady stream of postdoctoral, junior, and senior visitors. Some are supported by Courant Institute Instructorships or by the Visiting Membership Program. Others are hired through scientifically focused research projects. Still others come with outside support. Visitors are drawn into the Institute's activities by an extensive program of research seminars and through collaboration with Courant faculty.

New York University

New York University provides the Institute with a unique scientific and educational context. There is considerable interaction with other sciences, particularly with the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and with the Center for Neural Science. The Leonard N. Stern School of Business, situated just across Gould Plaza, includes the University's Departments of Information, Operations, and Management Sciences; Finance; and Statistics and Operations Research. The Tisch School of the Arts has a strong multimedia component. The Steinhardt School of Education has a program in mathematics education.

Greenwich Village

New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood provides the Institute with a unique cultural context. Centered around Washington Square Park, it offers a special mix of residential charm, theatre, art, cafés, and nightlife. Many students, faculty, and visitors choose to live near the University.