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Classroom Calendar for 10/15/2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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WWH 101
12:25PM- 1:50PM
COB Colloquium
WWH 102
WWH 109
WWH 1302
12:30PM- 3:00PM
Introduction to Cryptanaltysis
5:00PM- 7:00PM
Math Finance Student
WWH 1314
12:15PM- 1:45PM
Computational Biology Colloquium
6:00PM- 7:00PM
WWH 13th Floor Faculty Lounge
Floor repairs
WWH 201
6:00PM- 8:00PM
NYU Quiz Bowl
WWH 202
WWH 230
WWH 312
WWH 317
3:30PM- 5:00PM
Algebraic Geometry
WWH 412
2:30PM- 3:25PM
ML Seminar
WWH 505
2:00PM- 5:00PM
Algebra I Study Group
WWH 512
WWH 517
7:30PM- 9:00PM
Elementary Statistics Review Session
WWH 524
WWH 605
5:00PM- 7:00PM
CMT Gradus
WWH 705
3:30PM- 6:00PM
2:30PM- 3:25PM
ML Seminar
CPAM Editorial Meeting
WWH 805
1:00PM- 2:30PM
CTA Transition
4:00PM- 5:00PM
NYU visual identity
WWH 905
1:00PM- 3:15PM
MFD Seminar
3:20PM- 6:00PM
Local codes meeting
719BWAY 1221
12:30PM- 2:00PM
Geometry and Graphics Seminar, Qingnan Zhou
2:30PM- 6:00PM
CDS Open House
719BWAY 709
715BWAY 1003
3:00PM- 4:00PM
CDS Weikun Chen Office Hours
715BWAY 1203
1:45PM- 3:00PM
Weekly Roof meeting
4:00PM- 5:00PM
Meeting, Ken Perlin
715BWAY 714