CIMS S.P.O. Assignments

Faculty/P.I. Department Sponsored Projects Officer (SPO)
Austin, Tim
Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Avellaneda, Marco Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Bakhtin, Yuri Mathematics Fanord, Kaisha
Barrett, Clark Computer Science Fanord, Kaisha
Ben Arous, Gerard Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Berger, Marsha Computer Science Fanord, Kaisha
Bloomberg, Amos Computer Science-Clinical Ash, Richelle
Bogomolov, Fedor Mathematics Lord, Michael
Bonneau, Richard Computer Science Ash, Richelle
Bourgade, Paul Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Buhler, Oliver Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Cai, Shenou David Mathematics Fanord, Kaisha
Cappell, Sylvain Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Cerfon, Antoine
Mathematics Lord, Michael
Cheeger, Jeff Mathematics Lord, Michael
Chen, Yu Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Childress, W. Stephen Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Cho, Kyunghyun Computer Science Ash, Richelle
Clayton, Joshua Computer Science-Clinical Ash, Richelle
Cole, Richard Computer Science Lord, Michael
Courant Instructors
Computer Science Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Cousot, Patrick
Computer Science Lord, Michael
Davis, Ernest Computer Science Ash, Richelle
Deift, Percy Mathematics Lord, Michael
Dodis, Yevgeniy Computer Science Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Donev, Aleksandar
Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Engel, Deena
Computer Science Ash, Richelle
Fergus, Robert
Computer Science Lord, Michael
Fernandez-Granda, Carlos Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Franchitti, Jean-Claude
Computer Science-Clinical Ash, Richelle
Geiger, Davi Computer Science Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Gerber, Edwin
Mathematics Taylor, Kenturah
Germain, Pierre
Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Giannakis, Dimitrios
Mathematics Taylor, Kenturah
Goldberg, Benjamin Computer Science Ash, Richelle
Goodman, Jonathan Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Gottlieb, Allan Computer Science Ash, Richelle
Greengard, Leslie Mathematics Fanord, Kaisha
Greenleaf, Frederick Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Grishman, Ralph Computer Science Fanord, Kaisha
Gromov, Mikhail Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Gunturk, Sinan Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Hameiri, Eliezer Mathematics Lord, Michael
Hang, Fengbo
Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Hanhart, Alexander Mathematics-Clinical Ash, Richelle
Holland, David Mathematics Cohen, Jenifer
Holmes-Cerfon, Miranda Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Hull, Nathan Computer Science Ash, Richelle
Kalaycioglu, Selin
Computer Science Cohen, Jenifer
Kapp, Craig Computer Science-Clinical Ash, Richelle
Kedem, Zvi Computer Science Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Computer Science Fanord, Kaisha
Kleeman, Richard Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Kleiner, Bruce
Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Kohn, Robert Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Korth, Evan
Computer Science-Clinical Vacant/Ash, Richelle
LeCun, Yann Computer Science Lord, Michael
Leingang, Matthew
Computer Science Lord, Michael
Li, Jinyang
Computer Science Lord, Michael
Lin, Fang-Hua Mathematics Lord, Michael
Lubetzky, Eyal Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Majda, Andrew Mathematics Taylor, Kenturah
Marques, Sophie
Mathematics-Clinical Ash, Richelle
Masmoudi, Nader Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
McKean, Henry Mathematics Ash, Richelle
McLaughlin, David Mathematics Cohen, Jenifer
Meyers, Adam Computer Science Fanord, Kaisha
Mishra, Bhubaneswar Computer Science Lord, Michael
Mogilner, Alex Mathematics and Biology
Fanord, Kaisha
Mohri, Mehryar Computer Science Lord, Michael
Newman, Charles Mathematics Fanord, Kaisha
Nissenbaum, Helen
Computer Science Cohen, Jenifer
Odeh, Sana
Computer Science-Clinical Ash, Richelle
O'Neil, Michael Engineering and Mathematics Fanord, Kaisha
Overton, Michael Computer Science Cohen, Jenifer
Panozzo, Daniele Computer Science Cohen, Jenifer
Pauluis, Olivier Mathematics Taylor, Kenturah
Perlin, Kenneth Computer Science Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Peskin, Charles Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Pirutka, Alena Mathematics Cohen, Jenifer
Rangan, Adi
Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Rappaport, Ted
Computer Science Ash, Richelle
Regev, Oded
Computer Science Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Rinzel, John Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Ristroph, Leif Mathematics Cohen, Jenifer
Sekine, Satoshi Computer Science Fanord, Kaisha
Serfaty, Sylvia Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Shasha, Dennis Computer Science Cohen, Jenifer
Shatah, Jalal Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Shelley, Michael Mathematics Cohen, Jenifer
Shoup, Victor Computer Science Fanord, Kaisha
Siegel, Alan Computer Science Ash, Richelle
Smith, Shafer Mathematics Taylor, Kenturah
Sontag, David
Computer Science Lord, Michael
Spencer, Joel Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Stadler, Georg Mathematics Lord, Michael
Stein, Dan Mathematics Fanord, Kaisha
Stepp, Elizabeth Mathematics-Clinical Ash, Richelle
Subramanian, Lakshmi
Computer Science Fanord, Kaisha
Tabak, Esteban Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Tranchina, Daniel Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Trushant Majmudar Mathematics-Clinical Ash, Richelle
Tschinkel, Yuri Mathematics Ash, Richelle
Vanden Eijnden, Eric Mathematics Fanord, Kaisha
Varadhan, S. R. Srinivasa Mathematics Cohen, Jenifer
Walfish, Michael Computer Science Lord, Michael
Weitzner, Harold Mathematics Lord, Michael
Widlund, Olof Mathematics Fanord, Kaisha
Wies, Thomas
Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Wright, Margaret Computer Science Ash, Richelle
Yap, Chee Computer Science Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Young, Lai-Sang Mathematics Lord, Michael
Young, Robert Mathematics Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Youngren, Drew Mathematics-Clinical Ash, Richelle
Zahran, Mohamed
Computer Science-Clinical Vacant/Ash, Richelle
Zhang, Jun Mathematics Cohen, Jenifer
Zorin, Denis Computer Science Fanord, Kaisha

If your name is not listed, please contact Richelle Ash x83372 for SPO assignment.

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